Children may find Gcompris, a suite of colorful, educational games, to be lots of fun while learning the alphabet and more. Gcompris is an educational software package with 45 different activities for kids 2-10 years of age. It has colorful, inviting screensadn , the activities range from learning to play chess to learning to control the mouse. It’s easy to navigate within the program, and every activity is geared toward learning. Gcompris is available in many languages. It has verbal tool tips -- when you move the mouse over a button, the function of the button is spoken.

The activities include:
Math -- Addition, Subtraction, and Multiplication exercises.
Addition requires adding the scores of a target game.
Counting -- Kindergarten and preschool.
Mouse skills -- Click on moving fish to erase hidden pictures.
Typing letters
Piloting a submarine
Drawing and identifying colors
Identifying letters

Within each game, click on the life preserver symbol at the bottom of the screen and choose Manual to find out the instructions for each game.

Clicking on the House at the bottom of the screen brings you back to the last menu.