Here is a list of suggested open source applications for use in classroom settings.

Office Productivity Open Office - This office suite is truly Open Source. There is a word processor, presentation, Mathematical Equations, Cal (spreadsheet), Draw

(Publisher), and a database all compiled into one suite.

Abiword - This wordprocessor is multiplatform and can read files from numerous applications.


GIMP - photo manipulation program that is fully featured. Gimp is comparible to Adobe Photoshop.

Blender - fully integrated 3D graphics creation suite.
POV Ray - creates 3D photo-realistic images using a rendering techniquie called ray-tracing.
CinePaint - free open source tools for paint manipulation and image processing.


Inkscape - projects are scalable vector graphics comparible to Illustrator, Freehand and CorelDraw integrating W3C standard SVG format.
Scribus - open source desktop publishing suite.

HyperJournal - enables on-line as well as printed publishing in an innovative and significantly cost-cutting way.


Audacity - is a fast multi-track audio editor and recorder. Edit, mix, build effects all in the studio.

VLC-Network Media Player - is a highly portable multimedia player for various audio and video formats as well as DVD and streaming protocols.
MPlayer - is a movie player that is cross-platform. It will play numerous formats.
Mixxx- Digital DJ system where files can be mixed by a computer during live broadcasting.
Jahshaka - is a realtime editing and effects application. Edit images on a moving video or create music with it.

Web Design

Nvu - complete web authoring system. It rivals Dreamweaver.
Apache - is world's most popular HTTP server. One of the best in terms of functionality, efficiency, security, and speed.
Mambo- is used for everything from simple websites to complex portals.
Joomla -an open source content management system. Perfect for building websites for whatever content you want to display

Scientific Applications

Celestia - travel throughout the solar syste to the stars along with additional add-ons.
Stellarium - software renders realistic skies in real time with openGL.
Quantum GIS - spatially enabled geographic information system containing Mapinfo.
Scilab - software package for numerical computations for engineering and scientific applications.

Musical Enhancement



Tux Typing - Feed Tux the Penguin fish by selecting the proper letter to place him position to catch them.

Mathematical Applications

Octave - high level language for numerical computations. Solves linear and nonlinear problems numerically.

Screen Capture

CamStudio - is an open source program that can be used to record all of your screen action along with audio. You can also add call outs for posting content.

Computer Programming

Virtual Terrain - fosters the creative juices using tools for creating a 3D digital virtual world
Alice - is a 3D authoring system from Carnegie Mellon University to introduce programming starting at the middle school level.
Scratch - creat your own interactive stories, animations, games, etc.
Eclipse - is a java integrated development environment foncusing on application framework for building software.
Squeak - small talk multimedia programming environment. Instructional resources provided for a variety of projects.


FreeMind - mind mapping software written in java. The software provides a single click expand and follow link option.

Educational Games

Gcompris - ages 2-10 educational games. More than 60 activities compose the suite.
XiStrat - is a geometric recreation game. It deals with mathematics including cellular automata, geometry, algebra, physics.
FreeCiv - is multiuser civilization game. Players can compete in real time via network on on a standalone computer.
Mars Simulation - is a free java project to create future human settlements on Mars.
LinCity - is a game requiring the construction, maintain, development of a city while strenthening its economy.
Flightgear - multiplatform flight simulator and all source code is available under GPL license.

Primary School Children

Tux Paint - PreK-6 drawing program with easy to use interface with sound effects. There are animation options too.
Pysycache - is a software for 4-7 year old kids or disabled people. It helps students learn to use the mouse for a variety of functions.
KTuberling - is a "Mr. Potato" head editor. Students get to learn about body parts while creating their own "Potato Head"
ChildsPlay - is a suite of fun educational games for kids.