These Open Source applications are for general technical use.

Audacity is a great digital audio editing program. You'll also want to get LAME to save files as MP3. (A. Mercer)

Database Management

  • PhPMyAdmin - this PHP tool can administer MySQL databases over the web.

Network Applications

  • Real VNC - remote management software that allow you to view and control remote network nodes. It is client based and even has a Java viewer for on the fly connections. Real VNC works on multi-platforms (Windows, Mac, and Linux) systems.
  • Untangled - "The Untangle Server and 12 of the applications that run on it are open source and free under the GNU General Public License v2 (GPLv2). Untangle’s platform provides the GUI, logging, reporting and “virtual-pipelining” technology to make all of the apps run together smoothly. Signatures updates and software upgrades, which install automatically, are also included." [Open Source Network Gateway- Open Source (and Free)]
  • SmoothWall - offers automated autoprobing, ethernet/cable and multiple ethernet card support. Web managed with full facilities security software
  • DansGuardian - open source web content filter. It filters the actual content of pages based on many methods. Tailored filtering is permitted.
  • Wireshark - tool for network troubleshooting, protocol development, and education worldwide. Formerly Ethereal.
  • Snort - network intrusion prevention and detection system utilizing a rule-driven language combining signature, protocol and anomaly based inspection methods.
  • Squid - High performance web proxy cache that can be arranged hierarchically for an improvement in response times and reduction in bandwith usage.
  • ModSecurity - an intrusion detection and prevention for web applications.
  • Nagios - is a host and service monitor designed to inform you of network problems before your clients notice.
  • SecurePoint - is a complete firewall security suite. It includes a content filter, spam filter, authentication and VPN software.
  • Samba - is network file sharing server. The protocol is also known as LanManager or Netbios protocol.
  • PyKota - is a free print quota software that also enforces restrictions on print usage.

Information Systems

  • Open-Exchange - is a collaboration and integration server. You can store appointments, contacts, tasks, bookmarks, messages, bookmarks, documents.
  • PHPProjekt - project management is a groupware suite which supports communication and management of teams and companies via an Intranet and the Internet.
  • Drupal - modular content management system, forum, blogging and community engine. It is database driven and can be used with MySQL.
  • Joomla - one of the most powerful open source content management systems.
  • Zimbra - next generation collaboration and messaging open source software.
  • LAMS - is a learning activity management system for creating, maintaining, and producing online collaboration learning activities. Activities can range from individual tasks, small group collaboration, and complete class functions.
  • Dokeos - is an eLearning system that hosts web applications translated in 34 languages.
  • Moodle - is a learning management system designed using sound pedagogical principles, to assist educators create effective online learning communities.

Library Automation

  • OpenBiblio - automated library system written in PHP composed on OPAC, circulation, cataloging, and staff administration.
  • Koha - full featured library application developed in New Zealand and supported by library technology staff across the globe.
  • Greenstone- is a suite of software for constructing and sharing digital library collections.