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OpenOffice is a great choice for education use. The extensive Web site contains all the development Web pages as well as all the user support pages and downloads. Go to this site to download the latest version. There are active email lists, tutorials, descriptions of the program, screenshots, the latest news, and more.

The OpenOffice user interface is clean and intuitive. If you are already using any other word processor, you should have no problem mastering this product.

OpenOffice rivals, and sometimes surpasses, Microsoft Office in features, reliability, and user-friendliness. OpenOffice was designed as a Microsoft Office clone in order to make the migration process easy for people who want to go “free.” OpenOffice is a suite of programs that includes a word processor, spreadsheet program, database program, drawing program, HTML editor, and PDF creation software.
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OpenOffice Writer, is a powerful word processor that can handle huge documents and lots of different formats, including Microsoft Word. It can automatically generate indexes, tables of contents, headers and footers, footnotes, and more. You can apply styles and add graphics, as well as scale, position, and improve their color. You can also add columns, generate templates, and much more.

Using OpenOffice Writer’s integrated HTML editor, you can create Web pages and Web sites right from Writer. You can create Web pages from scratch, using the tables feature in Writer, and turn graphics or text into hyperlinks that can link to other documents, other Web pages, and so on. You can position and wrap graphics and determine the size of your Web page, or if you want to automatically create Web pages, you can use existing Writer documents and publish them.



OpenOffice Calc is a spreadsheet program. It can import and export many spreadsheet formats, including Microsoft Excel. It has hundreds of ready-made functions in categories such as Financial, Statistics, Mathematics, Database, and more.



OpenOffice Base can create new databases, complete with tables. You can create links to other databases and generate reports.



Draw is a program that can make an artist out of anyone. You can create shapes, then combine them and pull points to transform simple shapes into drawings. Try out the Duplicate feature to create elaborate designs. Simple drawing is not as hard as most people think. Draw also has a basic 3D art program that lets you create, rotate, position, light, and texture 3D objects.



Impress is a PowerPoint clone designed to help you create presentations. One of the features is the ability to create a presentation with links to video files which retains the links and plays if I export the file in PowerPoint format and play it on someone’s Windows computer that doesn’t have OpenOffice installed. The tool stays out of the way and keeps the focus on the project, not the software. It imports and exports PowerPoint files, as well as Flash (SWF) files and HTML Web pages. You can create slide shows and add transitional effects, such as wipes and sounds. You can automatically advance slides at time intervals of your choosing, or you can advance slides manually with a single click or press of a key. You can also use the Navigator to choose the slide order as you go. Charts are simple to create, either 2D or 3D, and you can customize them. Creating a presentation is quick and easy with Impress because it uses basically the same menus and tools as the rest of OpenOffice.

Another great feature of OpenOffice is that it can generate PDF documents from any of its modules.

In addition, OpenOffice lets you print labels, make simple web pages, and create business cards. It is a very versatile program that can meet any traditional document needs for you or your students.

Open Office can stand alone, but your capacity to make amazing digital projects is greatly enhanced through the use of additional open source programs.

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