Free Desktop Publishing

There are projects where snazzier page layout tools are called for -- a student-created poetry magazine, school newspaper, folded project flier, a promotional brochure for your school -- the list goes on and on. Projects such as these find their way into classes, and in these cases a traditional word processing program may not be enough.

The underlying idea behind all page layout software is that a final document should be a visual treat. When you create a new document in Scribus, you can choose from a large variety of pre-defined document page sizes, and common document formats (e.g., trifold flyer, newsletters, etc.) If you don't see a template you like, you can create your own. While similar documents can be created with a word processor, the precise control over page appearance provided by Scribus goes beyond that found in most word processors. For example, you can create polygons that can be filled with text, layer text on top of other text, and generally manipulate all the text and image elements of your project in any way you wish. With a powerful product like this available at no cost, educators and students alike will find many ways to craft elegant documents that would be hard to make with other tools.

Scribusis an elegant page layout program designed to do professional work on any computer platform you have. As with many open source programs, Scribus undergoes continuous improvement and each new release is quite an improvement.

The general idea is that you create your text and images in other programs. While you can type your text into Scribus directly, it is usually easier to do this task with a word processor and then import your text into your fancy document where you can work on the visual appearance of each page unencumbered with having to type and edit the content itself. For most educational applications, you can create any text document you want with a good word processor.