This ear-training software trains you to recognize musical notes, chords, pitches, and rhythm. Solfege is a program for music but can be used for fun. It offers drills in identifying pitches, rhythms, chords, and scales. Each exercise can be configured to the student’s level. It also has singing exercises to train the voice to the correct pitch.

Solfege provides the following exercises and more

Identify Chords
Click the Chords button and then click New Chord for Solfege to play. Then identify the type of chord from the buttons on the left.

Identify Melodic Intervals
Click the Melodic Interval button and click the New Interval button. Solfege plays two notes and you need to identify what interval they are by clicking the buttons.

Sing Twelvetone
Click the Sing Twelvetone button and then click the New button. The singer sings the notes, then listens to Solfege or sings with Solfege.

Identify Rhythm
Click the Rhythm Exercise button, then click the New button. Solfege plays a rhythm and you get to reproduce that rhythm in musical notes. This exercise is the easiest for a beginner and the most fun.

Most of the exercises can be configured to be easy. Click the Config tab on each lesson to configure them.