This program teaches typing with fun game play. Fish drop from the sky with letters that you need to type before the fish hit the ground. Then Tux the penguin gets to eat them.

Tux Typing is a wonderful learning-to-type program. Hours can be spent on this game and user’s still won’t get tired of it. It’s arcade-like action with the purpose of learning to type, and the antics of the penguin are fun.

The only instruction you need to know in Tux Typing is to use the Esc key to end the game and return to the menu.

Tux Typing offers two arcade-like games, Fish Cascade and Comet Zap. They both have the same rules but with different graphics. You get three or four levels of play: Easy, Medium, and Hard, or Space Cadet, Pilot, Ace, and Commander. You also get types of exercises: Alphabet, Finger Exercises, Plants, Short Words, Medium Words, and Long Words.

The goal is to type the letters or words dropping from the top of the screen before they hit the bottom of the screen. They either get zapped by laser beams or eaten by the penguin. The game keeps score.

Tux Typing also offers a practice mode for the serious typing student as a great start.