The podcast receiver

iPodder is an application that enables you to choose Internet audio programs you want to listen to and then downloads them to our computer via RSS feeds. The iPodder program lets you subscribe to your favorite Internet audio programs and listen to them at your convenience, not just when they happen to be broadcast. This gives you the power to listen to whatever you want, whenever you want. iPodder automatically downloads the latest programs of whatever you subscribe to, which you can then load onto your iPod or portable media player. You can also click on a program and hear it played on your computer’s media player.

iPodder has a main menu and four or five tabs, depending on whether you have started downloading files or not.
This tab lists the audio files that iPodder has downloaded. Click on one of them to play it on your computer’s media player.
This tab lists what podcasts you subscribe to. When you set iPodder to fetch new feeds, it checks to see whether any new programs have come out for those programs that you subscribe to. If so, it then downloads them.
Podcast directory
This tab has URLs for lots of podcasts that you can choose to subscribe to or not. It also has the URL input box where you can type in or paste any podcast URL you want to subscribe to.
This tab allows you to delete files from the Downloads tab and from the actual folder on your computer where they are stored.
After you start downloading files, you’ll also have a Log tab, which contains a log of what has been downloaded and when.

Select podcasts with iPodder. iPodder contains a directory of popular podcasts, but another good place to look is http://www.podcastalley.com. Podcasts, in a variety, exist on the Internet. Podcasts range from professional radio shows to an individual discussing a topic.

To play the downloaded podcasts, click on the Downloads tab and click on the file that you want to play.

iPodder has a set of preferences that you can choose by clicking on File/Preferences. For the choices you make to take effect, click the Save button.